Found in translation: A look at the Translators Workshop at TEDGlobal 2013



Originally posted on TED Blog:

Shadia Ramsahye is a Mauritian-born digital media student living in Paris. She speaks four languages — Mauritian Creole, French, English and Urdu — and translates TED Talks into the latter, which she describes as “the language of poetry, the language of the heart.”

“Translating for TED has helped me keep in touch with this language I am very passionate about,” Ramsahye says, in this video (directed by Angela Cheng, DP’ed by Ryan Lash and produced by Roxanne Hai Lash). “It has helped  me connect with more people.”

Ramsahye is one of the 11,000+ translators who’ve participated in TED’s Open Translation Project, translating talks into 101 languages. Yesterday, as we got ready to kick off TEDGlobal 2013, 24 veteran translators representing 24 different languages got together for a full day workshop. The group shared experiences, watched the premiere of Ramsahye’s profile video and got updates on the future of the Open…

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